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CIR is the longest running Splitter bus company to be operating in the UK.

Established back in 1992 the 2 partners now have a wealth of over 25 years experience each in transporting bands and there equipment the length and breadth of Europe. As you know you do not last that long in any industry unless you do something right.

Working with artists that have yet to sign that elusive record deal through to some of the biggest names in the industry. We will take care of your transport needs and work closely with you offering any advice that we can throughout your tour.

We offer bespoke luxury vehicles to the music industry. All vehicles are built in house, specifically with the purpose of transporting bands, crew & there equipment in comfortable & safe manner. This combined with our vast experience & a quality reliable service, means you has the customer can relax knowing that we will take care of all your transport needs.


CIR can take care of your band transport, whether it is, from an airport run, through to comprehensive full UK & European tours. We offer all our vehicles with fully experienced & friendly tour divers. These guys will work closely with the band, TM & the crew & make the travelling the best it can be.


We take pride in all aspects of the work we do & the services we offer.

Alternatively, you may need a driver/TM, which is a service also available from CIR. The TM you need maybe from managing a tour you have already put together, or working on the pre-production side. We can help, with all aspects including backline hire, hotel booking, ferry’s etc. We know budgets are always the deciding factor in putting together any tour. If we cannot get you on the road with CIR, we will give you good honest advice, on where you would be best to try first. New for 2014 we now can offer self drive 9 seat Mercedes Splitter’s. These are our silver line vehicles, not quite to the Gold standard, but still very high specification vehicles, bespoke built in house using our vast knowledge from years of experience

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