Tour Services

Fully operational 24/7, you can call CIR anytime of the day or night & we will answer the phone.

This gives you peace of mind knowing that you have our full support.

Added to the fact that all our vehicles are backed by Mercedes-Benz 24 hour vehicle roadside repair/ recovery.

What this means is, if we have a vehicle problem (which is a very rare occurrence indeed) then a qualified Mercedes mechanic will come to the vehicle, usually within 2 hours anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Not the AA!

Best of all there is no charge passed onto you the customer for this service.

Now this does not mean we use this service very often. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

In 27 years of touring, CIR has never missed one single gig through any of our vehicles letting you down.

Yes, we have cut it very fine on a few occasions, but always made the show.

A record, I believe none of our competitors can say.

That is not to say one day it will not happen, but then it will be just one gig out of 27 years on the road. Still, no mean feat.

We have always specialised in operating Splitter’s, so our knowledge and experience in this area of touring is vast, and we are always learning.

The benefit to you is that we share and pass on this information with you the client, on all our vehicle hires.

Another reason our vehicles are amongst the best available, comes from knowing what is required to convert a van into a safe, comfortable, reliable and well equipped vehicle fully suited to touring with a band.

We supply our Gold range of vehicles with a fully experienced music industry tour driver.

The drivers are an asset to your tour, and will always work with you and the band to make any journey a safe enjoyable time.

They will assist you where they can and become another valued member of the crew.

The Silver range of Splitters is our self drive fleet of vehicles; again we offer these knowing that they are at the upper choice of similar vehicles for hire in the UK.

An outstanding self drive choice when compared to our competitors and at a competitive price.

Our advice is free to help you with any travel logistics and backline hire.

You will know that not only will you be hiring a top quality Splitter, but the CIR service will be of the same standard.

We will always do our very best for you.

This alone is worth its weight in Gold, just like our company livery.